About AsianNGO

AsianNGO’s started in 2014 with the sole purpose of supporting and empowering the players working in the development sector. Our goal is to resolve the core issues faced by the local and global NGOs, nonprofit organizations, and social enterprises such as searching for grants, finding partnerships, learning and development needs, which hinder them from creating meaningful impact to society.

Mission iconMission

Our mission in AsianNGO is to create a platform that will bridge the information gap among non-profit organizations, social enterprises, philanthropists, and all stakeholders in the development sector.

To achieve this, we help NGOs hurdle the challenges they face. These include insufficient knowledge in funds acquisition and management, limited financial capacity, incomplete project management skills, poor organization and staff management, weak networking efforts, and lack of access to information, among others.

We strive to maintain an active databank of funds for ngos, NGO lists, a vigorous online community of international development professionals and experts, an updated calendar of collaborative events and activities, and a comprehensive repository of useful tools and learning materials for individuals, organizations, and stakeholders in the development community.

Goal iconGoal

As a one-stop solution for the development sector, our goal in AsianNGO is to provide accurate, relevant, and timely funding opportunities and other essential information that can help address the difficulties NGOs are facing in implementing programs and projects and ultimately bring them closer to their cause.

We aim to distribute information on NGO grants, learning, and collaboration opportunities to all and make it more accessible for everyone. In doing so , we support NGOs and nonprofits – regardless of size and capacity – to manage their organization better, save resources, widen their networks, venture into more collaborations, and NGO partnerships while ultimately being more impactful.

We position AsianNGO to be a dynamic ecosystem where civil service organizations, fund providers, experts, and entities from other industries can come together for the greater good.

Message from the MD

Our mission is to equip non-profits in Asia and help them achieve their social mission!

The social sector is dynamic and constantly evolving. Understanding and managing this intricate ecosystem is essential for your success. We will help you achieve this by leading you to the latest grant opportunities, partnership prospects, and learning resources. Explore the Portal’s functionalities to discover the most essential information for development professionals.

Sreenivas Narayanan
Founder and Managing Director
Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST)