Humpty Dumpty Institute

Humpty Dumpty Institute

Humpty Dumpty Institute

Thematic Area :   Technology, Innovation & Social/Inclusive Business

Experience :   9 Years

Country of Registration :  



Organization Type :  NGO

Nature Of Business :  Both

Local/International :  Local

Brief Information

Project RENEW’s core team is made up of educated and highly committed Vietnamese staff who live in Quang Tri Province, whose families have experienced the suffering of war, and who live with the threat of unexploded bombs and mines every day. They understand Vietnamese culture and traditions, local laws and regulations, how to take the initiative and get things done. Their teamwork and their understanding help account for Project RENEW’s success.

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Hoang Duc Long ,Team Leader +84439438061 Dong Luong, Dong Ha, Quang Tri Province

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