Mines Advisory Group

Mines Advisory Group

Mines Advisory Group

Thematic Area :   Education & Skills Development

Experience :   28 Years

Country of Registration :  

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Organization Type :  NGO

Nature Of Business :  Service

Local/International :  International

Brief Information

At MAG (Mines Advisory Group), we believe that whenever and wherever wars happen, ordinary people should not be the ones who pay the price. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our supporters, MAG was able to directly help more than one million women, men, girls and boys in 2016. We made 47 million square metres of land safe – an area equivalent to more than 6,500 professional football pitches – so that people can safely grow crops, walk to school, access water, get to market, and live without fear.

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Jane Cocking ,Chief Executive contact@magvietnam.org +84437262325 Suite 3A, South Central, 11 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR, United Kingdom

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