About Asian NGO

“We empower you with the knowledge and the tools they need to achieve their social mission and make a difference in the world.”


AsianNGO was initiated to address the three main issues that NGOs face today: finding funds, partners and relevant learning resources. These are essential aspects for any organization trying to amplify their social impact, and until now there have been no dedicated resource focusing on these needs.

Using the experiences of its initiator Assist Asia, AsianNGO has developed tools that give users access to the latest funds and grants that relate to their particular mission. All of AsianNGO’s tools are designed to be simple to use and enables actors in the development field to quickly find relevant funding opportunities with ease.


We want to connect Asia’s Development sector so they can help each other increase their social impact. Therefore, AsianNGO  have created tools that enable users to find the right partners. Our curated list of industry events let’s development professionals organizations locate similar minded actors. AsianNGO also let’s professionals and organizations upload a profile unique profile on its platform showcasing what they are all about, enabling others to find them so they can partner up.


Finally, AsianNGO publishes IMPACT Magazine which is available online and in print, and is a great source of learning for development professionals. The magazine features insights, interviews and practical advice that cut across borders and themes, from some of the most innovative and influential minds in the development sector.